Tree Services in Kirkwood, Missouri

Known as the tree city in the St Louis area, Kirkwood is home to thousands and thousands of fully grown, mature trees.

When Kirkwood was established in 1853, its founders probably had no idea Kirkwood would become the city it is now.

We believe one thing that keeps Kirkwood such a vibrant city is the well kept trees and bushes. When a neighborhood or city begins to relax on its tree removal work, the beauty of the neighborhood slowly begins to fade.

The close proximity of homes in Kirkwood make it especially difficult to keep dead trees and dead tree limbs cleaned out. Further, if dead limbs remain in trees too long, they begin to rot and weaken the rest of the tree.

It’s important to call a certified and insured tree and limb removal company like us to ensure your home remains a safe place for all. ​Call us today for a a free consultation or estimate on the best tree work for your property: 636-317-5560

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