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As the largest city in Jefferson County, we are pleased to serve Arnold Missouri with the best tree pruning, trimming, removal and stump removal services around. Our crews have worked on hundreds of trees in the Arnold Missouri, Jefferson County and Saint Louis county area and will gladly work on whatever tree work you need performed as well.

Many times tree trimming and pruning work can be dangerous both for you and your property. Oftentimes tree branches grow close together making it tricky to remove them effectively. Sometimes these branches growing on top one another will move in unexpected directions as you remove other stems. This can be very dangerous to the person or people removing the trees.

Other times large tree limbs grow over parts of your property like your house, garage, pool or playset. It can be difficult getting these branches removed without crashing into and causing damage to your property.

These are some of the many reasons its so important to call professionals high trained and skilled to work effectively and safely. Our tree trimming professionals have successfully worked in many scenarios like this and know exactly what it takes to keep you, your property and themselves safe.

Damage Prevention Mechanisms
As many of us know, unfortunately Arnold Missouri is home to some of the worst flooding from the Meramec River. When the river floods, often times old or rotten trees can get torn down and uprooted. These large objects then flow swiftly down the river and smash into cars, houses or buildings, or get left in people’s yards and fields. 

To prevent this kind of damage and other kinds of storm damage from high winds, heavy rain, snow or ice, it’s important to keep your older trees well trimmed so branches don’t grow too large and unsustainable when strong winds or water rush against them. Also, it’s necessary for rotten or dead branches to be removed so the flood waters or strong mid-western storms don’t knock them over.

When you’re in need of a top-notch, expert tree removal or tree trimming company to take better care of your trees than anyone else, call the certified professionals of Jefferson County Tree Service.

Tree trimming can be dangerous work, especially if you don’t have the experience or equipment necessary to get the job done right. Sometimes tree branches look easy or simple to remove. However, oftentimes if you take a closer look, the limbs have either grown very close together or have grown out farther and closer to your house than is safe.

We know how to keep your trees looking better, growing stronger, living longer, and able to better withstand the flood waters of the Meramec. We’ve trimmed hundreds of trees in the areas around Arnold Missouri, and we know how to get the job done right the first time.

No job is too big, too small, too hard or too easy for the experts at Tree Service Jefferson County.

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