Tree Removal

Most people want to save the trees they have on their property. Unfortunately, not every tree can be saved. Some become damaged from disease, pests, animals, or lightning. Others simply grow old, like all living creatures do.

Occasionally, a tree must be cut to prevent damage to other trees or nearby structures. Sometimes, it’s a “bad” tree, causing more trouble than it is worth, or it is simply not a tree suitable for a residential or commercial setting.

Professional tree removal cost can vary depending on many factors, but Jefferson County Tree Service will provide you with a personalized quote before we do the job. Some of the cost factors include the size of the tree as well as its proximity to other trees, utilities, and buildings.

A maple tree tends to have shallow roots, and if it is growing too close to pavement or your foundation, it may need to come down. A dead or diseased tree, such as an ash tree that has fallen prey to the emerald ash borer, can also present its own unique hazards.

Additionally, the tree species can also make a difference in the cost or removing a tree. For example, a Pin Oak is more prone to widowmakers. A widowmaker is a tree which has a fallen branch caught up in the other branches.

This can lead to greater unpredictability when felling and must be addressed before the tree cutting service begins. Dangerous jobs may naturally cost more than less complicated jobs. Professional tree removal will reduce your risks.

Our team of experts at Jefferson County Tree Service will always work with you to provide the best service and most affordable tree removal cost.

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