Stump Removal

Whether we have provided the tree cutting service for you or you have stumps remaining from the past, Jefferson County Tree Service can take care of your tree stump removal needs. The tree stump is removed by grinding it with a rotating cutting disk that creates wood chips as it grinds the stump away.

Stump grinding removes the entire stump as well as goes down into the soil to a depth of 10-12 inches to get what lies beneath. To prevent root sprouting, as much of the stump as possible must be removed. Root sprouting is a type of natural regeneration common in some species.

When removing tree stumps, it’s also important to grind deep enough into the ground that the tree doesn’t try to start growing back again. Also know its natural for grass to have trouble growing where a tree stump once lived. The composting wood underground makes the soil acidic and a harsh environment for grass or other plants to grow.

Some stumps, such as those from a black walnut tree, must be ground even deeper. These trees release a toxic compound called juglone, which is poisonous to many other trees and plants. While it is impossible to completely eradicate every root, which will continue to produce this compound for several years, the deeper it is ground, the sooner the soil will be ready for a new tree to take its place.

The resulting wood chipping, depending on the species, may then be used as mulch around your other trees, or we can just haul them away for you. Our stump and tree removal experts will work with you to obtain your end goals, and to provide you with an affordable tree stump removal cost.

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