Available Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

No matter what season it is, Jefferson County Tree Service is available to care for your trees, shrubs, and affordable tree care needs year-round. We gladly perform all kinds of tree service and tree removal work in and around the Arnold, Missouri and Jefferson County area.

Spring is a great time for having someone inspect your trees for any signs of damage they may have suffered over the winter. This is also an ideal time to check for any tree diseases or pests common to your species and our region.

Summer is a period of optimum growth, but improper mulching, drought, and insects can take a toll on your trees if they are not professionally cared for by a local tree service. Additionally, sudden summer storms can result in broken limbs and severe damage from lightning strikes. Jefferson County Tree Service can develop a lightning protection system tailored to your specific needs.

When the autumn leaves begin falling, it’s time to make sure your trees are hydrated and well-fed. A fertilizer application now will ensure your trees are nourished throughout their winter dormancy period. Fall is also the perfect time to plant new trees.

While the trees are “sleeping” in winter, there’s still plenty to do in preparation for the coming cold. Trees should be pruned in late autumn or early winter. Once the leaves have dropped, it is easier our team to see the overall structure of the tree.

Younger trees may need cabling or bracing to provide support against the elements. They may also require trunk wrapping to protect their bark from gnawing rabbits and other critters. In some cases, winter may also be the best time to fell some trees. Bigger tree removal can cause collateral damage, and felling them when the ground is frozen can lessen the likelihood.

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