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At Tree Service Jefferson County, we seek to provide our customers with the very best tree trimming and tree removal services in all of Jefferson County. We do this by always making customer service our top priority. If it weren’t for our many repeat customers, we know we wouldn’t be in business today.

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority
The safety of you and your property is always our first concern. At times, tree work can be very dangerous because tree limbs are very large and usually very heavy. If one falls too quickly or the wrong direction, it can have disastrous consequences.

Although we’ve trimmed and removed hundreds of trees of all shapes and sizes, we always perform our work with the upmost care. Should an accident happen, we our fully insured to cover any damages to your property that may ensue.

What You Can Expect From Us
Before we come to your house for a free estimate, we first talk with you in length the job you need performed. We will ask you questions like: How many trees do you need removed? Are any tree branches hanging over your house or other buildings? What species of trees do you have? Do you know the age of your trees?

Questions like these are important for us to ask because it helps us give you the most accurate and fair estimate possible. We’ve heard of other tree service companies that ask vague questions about the work needing performed. As a result, the customer doesn’t get the quality of work performed they were expecting, and sometimes the wrong tree was even cut down!

With our professional services, we go through a full list of questions and considerations with you BEFORE we begin our work. We make it our top priority that you understand the work we will perform and our recommendations for other tree work needed around your property.

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Throughout the years of performing tree removal and stump removal services, we’ve learned what it takes to maintain a long list of repeat customers: quality that exceeds expectations and exceptional customer service. If you want a company you can trust to perform one of the most dangerous jobs around your house, give us a call today!

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