You have made the decision to have your trees trimmed. They need it, but when is the best time of year to call the local tree service? Being informed on some of the basic guidelines for when to trim a tree depends largely on the type of tree and why you’re pruning. Below are a few of the reasons why property owners call Tree Service Jefferson County for tree trimming services:

  • Damaged or diseased wood
  • Redirecting a tree’s growth
  • Correcting problem areas
  • Boost flowering

Routine Maintenance
You can have your tree lightly trimmed to remove dead wood at any time of the year. It is in the best interest of the tree to be pruned during dormancy in the winter months when the coldest part is over. Come springtime, the tree will seem to grow more greener and fuller than ever.
Overthrowing the Overgrowth
No one wants to pull into their driveway and see their front yard tree and say, “yikes!”. If you fall under this category, you can add hiring a tree trimming services in Arnold to your summer to-do list. Pruning trees permanently changes the route a tree’s branches grow, so it is important to make sure you have a professional on site to accomplish the task correctly if you want results.

When the tree is done with its summer growth spurt, you can hire tree trimmers to slow the growth of any unwanted branches that pose as threats to nearby buildings. Some branches may hang down and appear to droop under the heavy leaves that the tree develops. Having a professional tree trimming service do the work helps reduce leave surface, which allows your tree to lessen the amount of food it makes to grow. When done without error, this process is not harmful to the tree and can help redirect the tree to feeding only its fittest branches.
Corrective Purposes 
Let’s say you never hired professionals to take care of that one branch that bent during a winter storm last year and now it has damaged other branches on its way down to the ground of your back patio. Whoops! This type of scenario happens often and the quality of your tree can be refurbished in the summer.

Any diseased branches can be removed safely before certain hazards take effect that could further sicken the tree. Proper care instructions are always followed by tree trimming personnel to provide both you and your tree 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. A damaged tree is not a doomed tree.
Flowering Enhancements 
Floral enthusiasts and business owners like to arrange for their tree to bloom in only the brightest of ways. This can be made possible by pruning done by a tree service company when the time is right for the type of tree being dealt with.

Commonly, trees whose flowers bloom in spring should be trimmed when the flower color fades out. If your tree’s flowers flourish in the middle of or late summer, it is typically best to hire a professional tree services company in the winter or beginning of the spring season.

No matter what the reason is for tree pruning, it is always extremely vital to contact the professionals that can help assist you determine when it is the right time to trim based on the tree species. Give us a call today for a free quote at 636-317-5560.