The many trees of St. Louis, Missouri stand high and low and can flourish with vibrant colors of green to pink. Though, they each need proper care and maintenance that can only be achieved with the utmost quality by those with substantial knowledge in the tree-care scope of practice, much like Tree Service Jefferson County.
Listed below are some of the popular trees found in the St. Louis area:

  • Trident maple
  • River Birch
  • Flowering crabapple
  • Ozark witch hazel
  • American smoke tree

Trident Maple 
The gorgeous trident maple tree can be found near walkway paths and around residencies. These nearly 30 feet high trees are most commonly noticed due to their unique leaves, which are green on top and light green underneath.

Come fall, the leaves will begin to change to deep red and orange in color, which area residents find to add to the warm, cozy feeling of the scarfs and pumpkin-spiced-everything season. In the winter, trident maple trees can be damaged by severe winter storms.

If you’re the proud owner of a trident maple tree, it is always best to seek a free quote from a tree services company like Tree Service Jefferson County at 636-317-5560 to see if it’s time to schedule a good pruning.
River Birch
Well known for their almost decorative exfoliating bark, river birch trees are spotted in local parks, outside of businesses and in some residential areas. Being multi-stemmed means there’s more branches with leaves to be dealt with, even though the tree itself only stands about 10 feet in height.

This is especially important for businesses to note, as they typically schedule trimmings to keep their entrances looking well and approachable. River birch trees are of the many species that have sensitive timing for pruning and best benefit from the process if it is performed in late summer or fall. Give our office a call today at 636-317-5560 if now is the time to schedule a trimming for your river birch.
Flowering Crabapple 
These trees show their true colors in the springtime as they shimmer with pinkish red flowers. While there are many types of crabapple trees, they all typically span between standing 15 to 20 feet tall. All summer long flowering crabapple trees grow fruits that becomes the most ripe in the fall. Crabapples can have their fruit harvested up until their leaves begin to change to orange.
Ozark Witch Hazel
These smaller trees are an eye-catching display in the winter when their flowers begin to bloom. Yes, you read that correct. While most trees bloom in spring or summer, the ozark witch hazel likes to colorify late winter with its bright red flowers. The flowers bloom before the tree’s leaves do. In the St. Louis area, ozark witch hazels start to enhance neighborhoods between January and March.
American Smoke Tree
The American smoke tree grows to be up to 30 feet in height. It received its name from its flowers, as they appear to have smoke puffs of pink and grey color. These trees also stop traffic in the fall, when their leaves take the stage and sport the colors of anywhere between red, yellow, orange and a deep plum. American smoke trees are usually planted by each other in the St. Louis area.

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Also, please be careful about DIY tree trimming. Many of these trees can grow to be tens or over a hundred feet tall. Climbing these trees can be very dangers if not performed by professionals.