There are very few on this earth who can deny it’s natural beauty, and most property owners have a variety of trees that add to the beauty of their landscaping. Any homeowners goal is to keep every living member of the household in good health, but all too often trees aren’t on the list, even though they too live and breathe under your care.

Trees are known to provide a welcoming and calm atmosphere, outside of everything from major hospitals to small town diners. Knowing when your trees could use some spruce-ing up can be a tough call if one is not familiar with tree health upkeep. Here we will discuss how tree trimming can improve the life of a tree.
When To Trim
It is always a good idea to schedule a professional tree trimming when a tree appears to have dead or dying branches, as this will prevent further decay and restore the tree to its full potential as far as appearance goes.

In this case, it is better to stop the problem immediately before it worsens and causes more issues that are more expensive to resolve. Dead and dying branches are a fire hazard and can even shorten your trees lifespan if left untreated. As humans take medicine when sick, trees need to be trimmed when areas of them are unwell.
Following major storms where there is significant damage to landscaping, it’s always a fine choice to see if your tree needs professional repairs. Not only will this be of benefit to the tree, any weak or unsteady branches that are left alone can pose as a threat to nearby structures, such as:

●       Vehicles
●       Houses
●       Garages
●       Boats
●       Buildings
●       Sheds
●       Farming equipment
●       Motorcycles
●       Lawn mowers
Healthy Benefits
Professional trimming when it is needed can help support the structure of the tree and keeps the tree from developing weak branches that may end up crossing one another. Dead branches have no business staying in the crown of a tree because they will eventually shove the healthy branches out of the way. Dead tree limb removal needs performed to maintain a healthy tree.

Not only will this make the tree to look overgrown, it will cause your tree to become sickly, as it can restrict the tree’s ability to provide adequate nutrients throughout its healthy branches.
Having your trees professionally serviced increases the amount of sun exposure they receive and promotes excellent air circulation throughout the tree. If dead, unwanted branches are not trimmed promptly, they will fall all over a yard.

Not only is this a mess to clean up, but it can be hazardous. Apart from the plain old fact that dead wood is a giant fire hazard, dead and fallen branches can decay, rot and mold, which will bring unwelcome guest, like insects.
Bug Be Gone 
Unfortunately, an insect infestation can happen to the tree itself. This will cause it to slowly rot which would eventually result in the tree falling. Along the way of the tree’s “death”, remaining dead branches speed up the process by forcing the tree to resort its resources to fighting off pests and disease- all of which are not going to help sustain a healthy root system.

​This disheartening process can all be avoided by informed tree upkeep. So if you want to keep your guest list to strictly humans and their allies, it’s probably best to have your trees professionally trimmed before insects decide to move in and not even pay rent.
Choosing to have your trees trimmed by professionals is valuable in encouraging a longer and healthier life span of the trees. Your family or business will be free of potential threats that damaged, diseased or infested trees can create. When trimmed correctly, the results are nearly instantaneous and leave your tree looking for-evergreen.

Many people don’t realize trees can be trimmed all year round. Call us at Tree Service Jefferson County for a free estimate today at 636-317-5560!