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As a licensed and insured tree company, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Tree Topping
  • Tree Crowning (reducing the size of trees by removing the highest branches)

Trimming and pruning trees can be a challenging job for any homeowner, especially when trees start growing too close together, are growing over your house or landscape, or have started to die and have left large dead branches in your trees. 

At Tree Service Jefferson County, we take great pride in the work we perform for our customers and always choose quality and safety over trying to get the job done quickly. Our many repeat customersagree our high quality of work and exceptional customer service have earned us the reputation of being one of the best tree service companies in Arnold.

About Us
Over the years, our tree service professionals have trimmed, pruned and removed hundreds of trees of all shapes, sizes and species in Arnold, Missouri. Each tree we service requires a slightly different approach to ensuring either the trimming or removal is done to your 110% satisfaction.
We know that your home is one of your most valuable assets; a place you want to look beautiful for everyone who visits or drives by and keep safe from possible damage due to falling trees, branches or limbs. We believe one of the best things you can do for your residential or commercial property is have your trees, bushes and shrubs expertly cared for by a professional tree removal company.

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, our trimming, pruning, and tree removal professionals are available to affordably service the trees at your property all year round.

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Tree Removal

Removing a large or damaged tree in your front or back yard can be one of the most dangerous activities for a home owner. We have all heard stories of someone trying DIY tree care and having a terrible accident that either severely hurt themselves or their home.

This is one reason why we believe it’s so important to call the experts for any large or small tree removal job. We are professionals skilled at keeping ourselves and your property safe when working on even the toughest tree removal jobs.

Many factors need considered when removing a tree: How close is the tree to other trees? Which way will the tree fall? How can the top branches be removed without getting stuck in the tree on the way down?

Also, please give us a call before trying anything dangerous. We will gladly provide you with a free estimate on the tree removal or tree trimming work you need done. Our team of experts knows how to answer all these questions with safety and affordability in mind.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Professional tree trimming services add many valuable aspects to your house or commercial property:

  1. Well trimmed trees grow stronger, healthier and have less risk of acquiring a disease. Branches growing too close together prevent good air circulation to leaves and branches at the center of your tree.Keeping your branches pruned appropriate distances apart helps the tree grow to its fullest potential. 
  2. Properly serviced trees have less chance of losing limbs or branches during a thunderstorm. It’s very important to have dead limbs removed from your trees as these can be especially dangerous during a summer thunderstorm or winter ice storm. However, live limbs weighed down by too many leaves or other branches can also pose a risk during a storm.
  3. Trees pruned the proper distance off the ground are easier to mow under, and can provide a wonderful place for enjoying time togetheras a family.
  4. Trees trimmed the right way look beautiful and can add value to your property.

If you want all these benefits and more added to your property, call the professionals at Tree Service Jefferson County. We promise to provide you with expert and professional advice on how best to service the trees on your property. We know you won’t regret giving us a call.

Stump Removal

In addition to tree removal, tree trimming and tree pruning, we can also remove those pesky and frustrating tree stumps that create an eye sore and a weed-eating nightmare for any homeowner.

Left over tree roots can cause many problems around your house:

  • Ants: Rotting stumps are a known favorite of ant colonies. Removing dead and rotting stumps can prevent unwanted ant colonies from forming.
  • Mushrooms and Fungus: Decomposing wood lowers your soil pH and makes it more acidic. Certain species of mushrooms and fungi thrive in this acidic soil matter, causing your yard to become infested by these unwanted species
  • No Grass: Grass has a very hard time growing where a stump used to live. If the stump isn’t removed properly by digging down several inches then replacing it with quality top soil, grass will have a very hard time growing.

Left over tree roots can slowly decompose and create not only ruts in your yard, but a poor soil quality for grass, bushes, flowers or another tree you want to plant in that same location.

This is why you need a professional team that can use the heavy equipment necessary to remove your old stumps to a depth of 10-12 inches beneath the soil. Additionally, certain types of tree species have specific requirements to achieve the best results.

The stump removal services we offer provide you with an excellent service at an affordable price, and we know the best way to remove the new or old stump from your property.

After we complete your tree removal job, if requested, we can fill the large hole leftover with dirt to ensure nobody gets hurt walking around your hard. We will then plant grass seed and cover it with straw.

​Within a couple weeks, you’ll completely forget you ever had a tree stump there in the first place.

Wood Chipping

When we finish removing or trimming trees at your property, we guarantee to leave your property looking better than we found it.

Many people worry about hiring someone to do their tree service work. They expect their yard to be torn up, have large ruts from heavy equipment, or be stuck with a large pile of branches or logs they don’t know what to do with. At Tree Service Jefferson County, we do whatever we can to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Sometimes we do need to drive heavy equipment onto your yard because the trees needing serviced are in locations impossible to work on without large equipment. However, we will do our best to maintain the integrity of your lawn, grass and other trees, bushes or flowers on your property.

Also, when necessary, we bring our wood chipper with us to grind up the smaller trees branches. Our wood chipper will shoot the wood chips into the back of our truck for hauling away.

For tree branches and tree trunks too large for our wood chipper, we use bob-cats or skid steers to load our trailer and haul the foliage. And if you prefer to keep the wood, we gladly leave it at your house in a nice stack.

We are a tree service company that tries to live up to our promise as much as we can, and we know you’ll be satisfied with the tree work we perform for you.

Storm Cleanup

After any major thunderstorm, you can almost guarantee tree branches or tree limbs have fallen on your property or on your neighbors property. Consistent tree pruning helps prevent some tree limbs from falling, but at times tree branches break off during storms and tree storm damage cleanup is necessary.

It’s important to clean up trees damaged by storms as quickly as possible. Like all living organisms, trees will start repairing the damage by redirecting growth and nutrients to new places in the tree.

However, to ensure this tree continues to grow healthy and strong, you want to cleanly remove the damaged tree limbs. This will help the tree redirect new growth the correct places you want your tree to grow into. As a result, your tree will live longer and grow to its full potential.

When you wake up in the morning after a big storm and see tree branches of any size fallen on your property, or when storms of any kind take their toll on at your house and you need a company that works in Arnold, Missouri, call us for service you won’t regret.

Large or Small Trees of any Species

There’s no tree too large or too small that can’t benefit from some professional tree trimming. For a tree to grow to its fullest potential, regular tree trimming, crowning and other routine maintenance is necessary.

In smaller trees still establishing their root system and primary trunk and branches, some proper pruning and trimming can significantly help the growing tree develop a strong framework and deep root system.

In larger, older trees either still in their prime or nearing the end of their life, a quality trimming and pruning job can help extend the life of the tree and reduce it’s chance of growing a disease or rotting on the inside.

We will gladly trim and prune whichever trees you wish to be worked on, or give you the advice that tree maintenance isn’t yet necessary.

Other Tree Services We Offer

One of the most expensive parts of your property isn’t even a part of your home. The trees on your property are one of the greatest assets you have. It is important to take good care of the trees on your property and maintain them as the years go on.

​With these tree care services we offer, you can keep your trees healthy and vibrant for years to come. ​

Tree Shaping

It is important to have your trees in a certain shape in your yard. Whether you are trying to keep your trees from hitting electrical wires or damage a part of your home, we will be able to prune your trees to fit the right shape you are looking for. You may also just want to have your trees aesthetically pleasing to you.

​This will be easy for our professionals to take care of. Tree shaping is also another great way for you to make sure your trees can better withstand strong rain, wind, or snow storms. ​

Professional Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing is something that you don’t just want to do simply on your grass and in your garden. Fertilizing your trees is something that will help maintain the look and health of your trees for years to come. We use only the latest and greatest fertilizers for trees that will help you have healthy tree growth in your yard. 

Tree Deadwooding

When your tree has deadwood, this is a problem that needs to be taken care of quickly. When there are limbs on your trees that are dead but haven’t fallen off yet, you could risk fungus spreading to the rest of your tree quickly.

​Also, there are critters that could hide in the holes within these dead limbs and eventually end up damaging the rest of your tree’s healthy limbs. You will also be wise to get rid of this dead wood before it falls off naturally and damages your home or injures someone.

Lot Clearing

When it is time for you to build a new home or add to your existing home, there may be trees that need to be removed. It is important that you work with experienced professionals to get rid of the trees that are on your lot.

​Trying to take care of these trees on your own can be very dangerous. We have experience clearing entire lots when there is a new home that needs to be built. We will work with property owners to find the most cost-effective solution to their tree lot clearing needs.

Why We Love Working in Arnold, Missouri

We love working in the Arnold, Missouri, Jefferson County, and greater St. Louis area. We’re based out of Arnold, Missouri and we want to do our part to keep the area looking beautiful for generations to come.

Proper tree care is something that takes years to master. Large trees don’t grow overnight and it requires thinking in the future to know how to best care for your property. If trees go too long without proper tree care and maintenance, they can create a HUGE problem down the road. We’re here to save you money now, and save you money later from expensive, dangerous tree removal work.

Servicing All Cities & Neighborhoods in the Greater St. Louis Area

When you have any tree issues that you need to deal with, make sure that you are working with an experienced tree professional like the ones on our team. We will be able to help you make the right decision about tree maintenance at the right cost.

​Our professionals understand that there are many different unique tree situations that have to be dealt with. You have a unique situation and we will be willing to find the best tree solutions for you.

​We proudly service all neighborhoods in the Jefferson County, Saint Louis County and Saint Charles County areas, including Arnold, De Soto, Brynes Mill, Wildwood, Fenton, Mehlville, Afton, Kirkwood, Oakville, Festus, Brentwood, and Ellisville.

For professional, affordable tree services in Jefferson County, call the pros at Jefferson County Tree Service today. Don’t let the sun go down without giving us a call! ​We look forward to the opportunity to serve you today!

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